Green Economy

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When we created TORE we pledged to take a holistic approach in terms of sustainability.

Following the zero-waste hierarchy, we want to reduce the use of raw materials and continuously reuse and recycle items for the production of all different kinds of new products.

Once a sock reaches the end of its life, we ask you to take the sensible approach and first reuse it for a different purpose and then recycle it at your local recycling centre.

Your sock may end up as wall insulation or padding for car seats instead of going to a landfill.


Reduce waste by giving a new purpose to an old socks. You could use it as:

- A sock puppet to keep the little ones entertained

- A dust cloth for a good spring clean

- Teddy bear stuffing for the arts and craft enthusiasts

- A dog toy for your furry best friend


We recommend you carefully dispose of your socks:

- At your local recycling centre

- By donating them to a registered charity

- By conveniently donating them to a charity collection service that collects clothing direcly from your door, such as the British Heart Foundation or Clothes Aid

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